Flexible Fuel Storage Tanks

Hi. I am in need of several 1000 gallon fuel storage tank units. I need to temporarily store diesel fuel on my construction sites. Can I use a collapsible tank for this purpose? Would it be cheaper?

Flexible fuel tanks are a great option for temporary or short term fuel storage. They can and have been successfully used on construction sites, as well as oil fields and mining operations. In terms of compatibility, flexible tanks are equipped to handle diesel fuel, jet a fuel and oil.

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Flexible Fuel Tank Construction and Advantages

The construction of a flexible fuel tank includes several high level fabrics designed to handle the nature of fuel. Tank fabrics may include urethane, polyurethane and several other fuel-compatible materials. Since you have mentioned that you will be using this tank on a construction site, there are several advantages you might find in using this tank over a steel or rigid tank. These include:


  • flexible fuel tanksEasy to Transport: When empty, a flexible tank can be folded up and moved to a new location. This has helped significantly to ease the process of fuel storage and setup.

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Tanks are easy to handle and fast to setup.

  • Lower Shipping Costs: Due to their flexible exteriors, several tanks can be shipped on the same truck. In addition, shipping dimensions will be drastically lower due to the tanks ability to be folded.

  • Several Connection Options: Depending on how you are planning to use this tank, several fitting options may be added to connect to vehicles or other storage units. Standard fittings include a ball valve and hose adapters. Please specify your needed size.

Economical Advantages

The economical advantages of a 1000 gallon fuel storage tank can be significant depending on how many tanks you are needing to store and the amount of liquid you need to store. In general, using a collapsible tank provides customers with economical savings in the following areas:

  • Shipping Costs (several ships can ship in one truck)
  • Setup Times
  • On Site Installation
  • Sizing (one tank can store as much as 250,000 gallons)

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