Fuel Storage on Farms & Agricultural Areas

farm fuel tanks

Farm fuel storage tanks can include a wide range of tank styles including steel tanks, flexible tanks, and mobile fueling units. Tank storage can vary from site to site based on fueling requirements and the size of your location. Available models are designed for successful use with the storage of diesel fuel, jet A fuels, or oil products.

Mobile Steel Tanks

A great choice for fuel storage in agricultural areas is the Mobile Steel Tank. This unit features a steel single or double walled tank that has been hooked up to a trailer for easy transportation. These trailers are designed specifically for off-road use, and have been used to move fuel around a location for refueling of tractors, trailers, sprayers, and other agricultural equipment.

Mobile Tank Features

  • Single or Double Wall Steel Tank
  • Trailer (off-road use only)
  • Product Compatible
  • Heavy-Duty Forged Fitting
  • Polyurethane Finish Paint
  • Accessories (includes vents, pipes, fill caps, containment items, and pumps)

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Flexible Fuel Tank

flexible fuel tankThe Flexible Fuel Tank can also be a great alternative for farms as it helps provide bulk fuel storage on farming areas, fields, and other agricultural locations. The flexible fuel tank design features capacities anywhere from
1 to 250,000 gallons,
bringing the exact amount of storage to your location. Flexible tanks for fuel are typically constructed using a urethane, rubber or polyurethane material.

Flexible Tank Features

  • Capacities: Up to 250,000 gallons
  • Fittings: Standard fittings of 3/4" to 2", with 4" through 6" also available
  • Reliable Fabric Construction (urethane, rubber, polyurethane or other fuel compatible materials)
  • Flexible Exterior

To ensure compatibility with your fuel, an MSDS it typically required.

Additional Farm Fuel Tanks Options

In addition to the mobile steel unit and the flexible fuel tank, some other fuel storage units that would be great for farm fuel storage include the following:

marine fuel tanksPlastic Diesel Tank: This plastic diesel unit features a poly leg tank design with a crosslinked resin for storage diesel fuel, as well as some diesel based liquids.

Caddies: These mobile fuel tanks are offered in both a gas and diesel fuel model for the transportation of small amounts of fuel. Sizes up to 28 gallons available.

Steel Tanks: Our steel tank variety includes above ground and underground double wall or single wall tanks. Both horizontal and vertical models are available.